Ivy EV stations in Huntsville, ON

Good news for EV drivers across Ontario — our EV charging infrastructure is about to get a substantial boost. Yesterday, the Ontario government announced plans to invest $91 million towards EV charging infrastructure, with the aim of making EV chargers more accessible across the province.

Presumably, this investment will help to mitigate some of the concerns expressed by Canadian drivers — specifically in the realm of charging anxiety — to further accelerate the adoption of EVs over the coming years.“This investment is the next step forward that will help fill gaps in public charging infrastructure and strengthen Ontario’s position as a leader in battery electric vehicle production,” said Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation.

Mulroney also noted that this investment will help to strengthen the Ontario automotive industry. “Providing all Ontarians with convenient, public access to fast and reliable charging will help us move towards our goal of making Made-in-Ontario electric vehicles the top choice for both passenger and commercial drivers,” she explained.

Currently, the Ivy Charging Network is the largest public highway fast charging network in Ontario. This new funding is expected to add more EV chargers in prime locations such as rest stops, carpool parking lots and community hubs across Ontario.

The province has also announced “the Rural Connectivity Fund” which promises to provide provincial funding to rural municipalities, which will help to grow the EV charging infrastructure available in those communities. Program details including eligibility, potential charger locations and how rural communities can apply will be announced later this year.

“Our government is getting shovels in the ground to build critical EV charging infrastructure across our province so workers and families can travel with confidence,” said Todd Smith, Minister of Energy. “Today’s investment in new public charging stations, alongside our work to reduce electricity prices and provide an ultra-low overnight electricity price plan, will support EV adoption and boost our world-leading auto sector as we build the cars of the future here in Ontario.”

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