Ontario Liberal leader Steven Del Duca

Following Premier Doug Ford’s recent promises to accelerate investments into Ontario EV infrastructure and production, the Ontario Liberal party unveiled a campaign pledge today that will award an $8,000 rebate to anyone buying or leasing an EV. This incentive would come into effect should the Liberal party win the provincial election next June.

The announcement, at Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto by Ontario Liberal leader Steven Del Duca, will also include a promise of a $1,500 rebate for the purchase of EV home charging equipment.

“After four years of Doug Ford being missing in action in the fight against climate change, this is exactly the kind of program Ontario needs,” said Del Duca. “We can once again be leaders in the fight against the climate crisis.”

Del Duca also revealed a new campaign promise for a provincial subsidy program that will cover 30 per cent of the costs associated with the development of EV charging stations in parking lots, apartment buildings and businesses.

Notably, Ford’s assurances last week were focused on Ontario becoming “an electric vehicle manufacturing hub”, but made no mention of bringing back the EV rebates his government scrapped in 2018. Leaders in the EV space have pointed out that Ontario is lagging behind in EV sales, compared with other provinces, and will require provincial incentives to drive the market towards a more sustainable future.

The new provincial rebate being proposed by the Liberals today will align with the existing federal government’s incentive program, which applies to EVs with a manufacturers’ suggested retail price of no more than $55,000. The rebate would also reportedly be valid for vehicles with seven or more seats costing up to $60,000.

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