Ontario premier Doug Ford

Earlier this week, Ontario Premier Doug Ford revealed plans for the province to produce 400,000 electric and hybrid cars by 2030 – but, the Premier notes, this can’t happen without the help of skilled workers.

While touring auto-parts maker Linamar on Wednesday, Ford and the Ontario Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade Vic Fedeli shared their goals for the industry moving forward. In an effort to drive prosperity across the auto manufacturing sector, Fedeli says they will be placing an emphasis on repositioning vehicle and parts production for electric vehicles, while working to establish an electric battery supply chain ecosystem. Moreover, they hope to drive innovation in the development of electric and hybrid vehicles, while investing in auto workers.

“Phase 2 will allow our province to leverage our critical mineral wealth in Ontario’s north, supporting a broader supply chain that includes mining and the refining of those minerals required for electric vehicle batteries. And that means good jobs for skilled Ontario workers,” shares Fedeli. “These commitments will continue to lay the foundation to ensure that Ontario’s auto sector is successful, highly competitive, ripe for new investment and ready to meet the global demand.”

From an employment perspective, Ford notes that the auto industry is the “cornerstone of well-paying jobs” in the province and, as the demand for electric vehicles grows, the government must ensure the manufacturing sector can keep up. Ford, it seems, is confident that the Canadian manufacturing workforce is up for the task. He also said that the province is looking at investing in local infrastructure to attract workers to the province.

“We have the supply chain in place. We have the geographic advantages and we’re blessed with the mineral resources to make the batteries that these in-demand new cars will need,” explains Ford. “In addition, we have the greatest manufacturing workforce anywhere on the planet.”

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