Brampton, Ontario in the Peel Region

Peel Region is putting its money where its mouth is with regards to reducing vehicle emissions and transitioning to battery-powered vehicles. Last week, Peel Council approved a new “Zero Emission Vehicle Strategy”, which promises to commit the region to “phasing in electric vehicles and engaging the community to do the same”.

As it stands, the Peel Regional Police has access to some electric cruisers, including the Ford Mustang Mach-E, and there are reportedly pilot projects underway which will introduce electrified garbage trucks as well as TransHelp buses.

“Adopting the use of electric vehicles in our community is one important part of the journey to reducing our carbon footprint and address the climate emergency,” said Gary Kent, Peel’s chief financial officer and commissioner of corporate services. “The decision to drive ZEVs is one of the most impactful choices Peel residents and businesses can make to help push us towards a cleaner and climate conscious goal.”

With the intention of transitioning the Peel community at large to zero emissions transportation over the next few years, the new strategy also includes increasing access to EV charging stations, and embedding considerations for EV chargers into the urban planning process.

“As municipalities, we have an opportunity to lead the charge in the electrification of vehicles,” said Christine Tu, Peel’s director of climate change and energy management. “Enabling a switch to zero emission vehicles will significantly decrease transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions in Peel Region and support broader global efforts to fight the climate emergency, one electric vehicle at a time.”

Additionally, the plan promises to include an increase in public education regarding electrification, while providing support to clean energy initiatives across the Ontario energy grid.

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