2022 Polestar 2

Polestar has confirmed that global sales in 2022 had reached 51,500 by the end of December, an 80 per cent increase year-on-year compared with 2021.

Having delivered just over 9,000 vehicles during the third quarter of last year, bringing total global sales to 30,400 by the end of September, this figure more than doubled during Q4 to “approximately 21,000,” thus ensuring Polestar’s 50,000-unit annual target was met. It should be stated, however, that this 50K target was reduced from an original estimated goal of 65,000 owing to fallback from Covid-19 and disruptions to the supply chain.

Polestar 2

Polestar 2

Despite this, confidence in the battery-electric ‘Polestar 2’ crossover, originally released in 2020 and newly upgraded as of last month, means the premium electric sister to Volvo is confident sales could increase further to “approximately 80,000” in 2023, a hike of almost 60 per cent. The recently unveiled Polestar 3 SUV, which is scheduled to arrive later this year, is expected to play a significant role.

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Finalized sales figures – or “unaudited preliminary estimates” – for 2022 will be released on March 2.

“I’m proud of the many milestones we achieved in 2022 and in particular the massive team effort that went into delivering our strongest quarter to date – surpassing our 50,000 global volumes target for the year,” brand CEO Thomas Ingenlath explains. “We are now fully focused on 2023. There will be the usual quarterly variations, but I’m confident that we will continue to actively manage our supply chain to meet the growing demand for Polestar 2, commence first deliveries of Polestar 3 and launch Polestar 4.”

Polestar 6

Polestar 6

The Polestar 4 performance SUV is one of three vehicles scheduled to land in the coming years. The much-hyped Polestar 5 saloon – formerly the ‘Precept’ concept – is expected to land in 2024, while the Polestar 6, set to be a production 2+2 hard-top convertible based on the brand’s recent ‘O₂’ concept, will likely arrive in 2026.

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