Power Edison

Power Edison, a major developer of mobile energy storage solutions, is joining forces with Hugo Neu Realty Management to create the largest EV charging hub in the United States. Specifically, the project will see the development of more than 200 high-power, fast chargers at Kearny Point Industrial Park in New York City.

Given its strategic location along a high-traffic region, the expansive new charging site is expected to power thousands of light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles, as well as marine vessels. Understandably, this project is welcome news as leaders from around the world gather at COP26 to discuss climate change and the path to a more sustainable future across industries.

Speaking to the partnership, the CEO of Power Edison, Shihab Kuran, shared, “Power Edison is engaged with leading organizations such as Hugo Neu to make EV charging accessible and ubiquitous. Power Edison leverages its innovative solutions, including mobile truck and barge battery systems, to develop fast charging hubs expeditiously.”

“Our utility-scale mobile power solutions allow us to develop charging sites without having to wait for the typical lengthy power utility infrastructure upgrade process,” said Kuran. “We welcome fleet owners, charging network operators, vehicle manufacturers and other EV stakeholders to contact us for more information and to reserve capacity.”

With this partnership, Power Edison and Hugo Neu Realty Management are helping to lead the evolution towards sustainable use of land, and the continued reduction of greenhouse gas emissions across the transportation sector in New Jersey.

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