Taiga snowmobiles

Almost 63 years after Joseph-Armand Bombardier delivered the first Ski-Doo personal snowmobile to a missionary in Northern Ontario, we’re now seeing the first major shift in industry technology, again coming from a Canadian company. Taiga, an electric recreational vehicle startup, has finally begun production of its all-electric snowmobiles.

Taiga was formed in 2015 by three entrepreneurs in Montreal, with the goal of building an electric snowmobile. Since then, it has developed three versions now available: the Ekko mountain sled, the Atlas crossover/all-terrain and the Nomad utility/towing. The lineup offers up to 140 kilometres of range, power from 90 horsepower to 180 hp, depending on the model, and fast-charging capabilities. Each can be ordered on the Taiga website for US$15,000 ($19,221).

Taiga snowmobiles

Taiga snowmobiles

“Today represents the shared dream and vision of our entire organization coming to life as the first snowmobiles come off the production line. I am proud of the demonstrated ability and perseverance from employees who together have overcome challenges as we navigate unprecedented supply chain volatility,” said Taiga CEO Sam Bruneau. “With the sleds soon ready for the snow, we are excited by the idea of our customers being able to ride on these cutting-edge machines that embody winter exploration without compromise.”

Taiga snowmobiles

Taiga snowmobiles

Deliveries of the e-snowmobiles will begin in early 2022, pending final approvals by government agencies. And if you’re worried about charging on the trails, riders in some areas in Quebec, at least, will be fine: Taiga has started installing off-road charging stations on some trails around ‘la belle province’, including both Level 2 and Level 3 variations.

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