2024 Ram 1500 REV

Following the New York auto show, which took place last week, there has been no shortage of discussion (and excitement) surrounding the debut of several fully electric, full-size truck offerings including the 2025 Ram 1500 REV. However, we are still left with the question – will any of these automakers take the leap and bring a compact or mid-sized electric truck to market?

During the auto show, Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr. discussed the possibility of a compact or mid-sized electric truck offering coming to the US, and while he did not provide any confirmations, he did give us hope.

Koval told Green Car Reports that Ram shared a mid-size, all-electric pickup concept at its recent dealer convention that was about the size of the current Ford Ranger. “I had 6,000 of my best friends in the arenas, and I was looking for the thumbs up or the thumbs down,” he shared. “And they would have to tell you but I think it’s overwhelmingly positive.” Koval also noted that nothing has been “completely defined” yet, as it remains just a concept (for now).

Koval also hinted that the adoption of a global market approach for this hypothetical truck (including North America, South America, parts of the Middle East, and Australia) would potentially make the product more viable.

“More and more, I am looking at our business as a global business. So I’m looking at all opportunities, whether it’s compact pickup, mid-size, and where I can sell them and what they need to have – metric-ton, rear-wheel drive,” Koval explained. “We have some awesome stuff in South America, we have some compact pickups, but these things are never easy – compliance, safety, homologation,” he said. “And profitability is the question right now.”

In the end, Koval didn’t offer up any distinct promises, but he did acknowledge the opportunity presented by a compact or mid-size electric truck. “If I could bring a compact, a Ram version of a compact pickup, I’d do it today. I see an opportunity there for sure,” he shared.

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