A teaser photo of the upcoming Ram 1500 REV

After wowing crowds at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last month with the Ram 1500 Revolution concept, the Stellantis truck brand now has a name for the production version of its upcoming EV pickup: the Ram 1500 REV.

A teaser photo of the upcoming Ram 1500 REV

“Ram Brand Confirms Name of First Electric Pickup: Ram 1500 REV”

We still don’t know much about the pickup yet, other than it will start production next year. Ram has also suggested it’s working on a gasoline-powered range-extender for the all-electric pickup, will will most likely have at least two motors for standard all-wheel drive. Ram stated that more info will be released on February 12.

But the Revolution concept is, indeed, a revolution in the pickup industry. It sports a segment-first three rows of seats, a drop-down centre gate to extend the cargo area into the passenger cab, a removable, table-style infotainment system, a Shadow Mode that allows the truck to autonomously follow the driver walking in front, and four-wheel steering. Expect at least a few of these features to appear on the production version.

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“At Ram, we started a revolution last year as we invited consumers along on the beginning of our electrification journey, gathering their feedback on exactly what they are looking for in an electric pickup truck,” says Mike Koval Jr., Ram brand CEO for Stellantis. “We look forward to delivering our first EV pickup – the all-new Ram 1500 REV – to those consumers next year. We are confident the Ram 1500 REV will push past the competition, offering what will be the leading combination of attributes customers care about the most: range, payload, towing and charge time.”

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