Renault hydrogen concept

Renault has teased a new, upcoming concept car showcasing hydrogen fuel technology as part of the French brand’s commitment to sustainability.

The French manufacturer has opted against full electrification of its product line moving forward, opting instead for what it calls “the decarbonization trajectory of the [Renault] group.” The concept’s hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine (ICE) is expected to play a key role as the brand looks to achieve a “100 per cent electric energy mix” across its portfolio by 2030.

Renault hydrogen concept

Renault hydrogen concept

“I’m very pleased to announce, soon, the launch of a new concept car embodying our vision of sustainability,” Renault CEO Luca de Meo explained during a live press conference outlining the company’s 2021 financial results. “We wanted to materialize our vision of sustainability based on three pillars: ‘safety’, ‘inclusion’ and ‘environment’ on one product. This product will announce a future product, because, at Renault, when we do a concept, we want to turn that into real cars.”

Though few details were presented, aside from one teaser image, the ‘Environment’ pillar intimated that the new concept was built using recycled materials and produces zero C02 emissions. The ‘human-centric’ and ‘anticipative tech’ side of the ‘Safety’ pillar also suggests the concept will showcase upgraded autonomous technology.

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The concept, the design of which was overseen by Renault’s recently appointed design director Gilles Vidal, will be presented at “a big event” in May. With sister brand Alpine having categorically stated two-time Formula 1 World Champion Fernando Alonso, under contract with its F1 team until at least the end of the year, will not return to Indianapolis in 2022, we can probably rule out the Indy 500, sadly.

Alongside the concept car tease, de Meo confirmed during the press conference that seven new vehicles will arrive in 2022 as part of the brand’s “C-segment push”, including the light commercial Renault Kangoo EV, set to be a key part of Renault’s “electric LCV offensive”, and the Megane E-Tech Electric, “potentially a market leader, in EV.” The latter will sit on the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi alliance CMF EV platform, as will a “future Scenic” MPV and Alpine’s recently teased GT X-Over. The CMF BEV architecture meanwhile will underpin the new Renault 5 hatchback and the Renault 4, production of which has now been greenlit.

In total, 27 vehicles will be launched up to and including 2025, 12 of which will be EVs as part of Renault’s “shift towards electromobility.”

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