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Today brings great news for EV drivers in Saskatchewan, as the federal government has revealed plans to install 40 new EV fast chargers across the province. The charging stations, which will be installed by SaskPower, will be strategically placed along major highways based on demand.

With this $2 million investment, the federal government hopes to make it easier for electric vehicle owners to charge their cars in Saskatchewan, while making the prospect of owning an EV more feasible for residents and making cross-country trips easier.

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“Investing in more EV chargers, like the ones announced today in Saskatchewan, will put more Canadians in the driver’s seat on the road to a net-zero future and help achieve our climate goals,” said Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources. To date, Ottawa has spent $1 billion to make electric vehicles and chargers more affordable for Canadians.

This news marks an important step in the electrified evolution of the Canadian automotive industry, as Canada has set a target that all new passenger vehicles sold in Canada are zero-emission by 2035.

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“Though there are still a relatively small number of EVs on Saskatchewan roads, it’s expected that this market will grow,” said Acting President and CEO of SaskPower Troy King. “It’s important to prepare for a future where more customers drive electric vehicles and expect the infrastructure to be in place to do so.”

Speaking to the importance of zero-emission vehicle infrastructure, Liberal MP George Chahal notes that transportation plays a major role in carbon emissions. “How we move people and goods within our communities and across our country accounts for 25 per cent of our green-house gas emissions,” says Chahal. “Three quarters of those emissions come from just two sources: passenger cars and trucks and heavy-duty vehicles.”

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