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In case you missed it, Canada has been making major strides towards a more sustainable automotive future. Earlier today, it was announced that Shell Canada has received $3.95 million for 79 EV fast-charging stations at 36 locations across five provinces.

The federal Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuel Infratructure Deployment Initiative has been brought to life by Natural Resources Canada, and has also awarded 7-Eleven $300,000 in the latest funding round.

According to government documents, the new Shell Canada network will serve drivers in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. 7-Eleven will install 12 charging ports across six locations in B.C.

This new Canadian infrastructure arrives on the heels of Shell’s established networks in other parts of the world – Shell’s parent company, Royal Dutch Shell, offers extensive charging networks across the UK, Europe, and the United States. Currently, nearly 80,000 charge points have been established by Shell and Royal Dutch Shell.

Electric Autonomy Canada notes that it is unclear if the B.C. EV charging stations will be linked to a partnership between Uber Canada and Greenlots that was announced last week, and will usher in the development of three EV charging stations in Vancouver for Uber drivers and delivery people, specifically.

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