Earlier today, Stellantis announced a new partnership with Vulcan Energy Resources Ltd., which will see Vulcan supplying battery grade lithium hydroxide in Europe for Stellantis EVs as part of their electrification strategy. Shipments are due to begin in 2026, and the agreement will span over five years.

Back in July, Stellantis shed light on their electrification plan at the EV Day presentation, revealing plans to invest more than €30 billion ($43.2 billion) through 2025 in electrification and software development. Not only that, but the automaker promises to continue to be 30 per cent more efficient than the rest of the industry, when considering total Capex and R&D spend versus revenues.

In the official press release, Michelle Wen, Stellantis Chief Purchasing and Supply Chain Officer, detailed her excitement for the automaker’s electrified future. “Stellantis is moving forward on its electrification strategy with speed and power,” she shared. “This agreement is further proof that we have the competitive spirit to deliver on our commitments. Safe, clean and affordable freedom of mobility represents a strong expectation of our societies and we are committed to deliver on that matter.”

Stellantis finds itself on an exciting trajectory, with 70 per cent of its vehicle sales in Europe and more than 40 per cent of vehicle sales in the United States expected be low emission vehicles by 2030. Notably, with credit to its Zero Carbon Lithium Project, Vulcan uses geothermal energy to produce battery-quality lithium hydroxide from brine without the use of fossil fuels and minimal water usage. With this in mind, the new partnership between Vulcan and Stellantis should be an important step in reducing the carbon footprint associated with vehicle production.

“The definitive offtake agreement with Stellantis aligns with our mission to decarbonise the lithium ion battery and electric vehicle supply chain,” said Dr. Francis Wedin, Vulcan Managing Director. “We look forward to a long and productive relationship between Vulcan and Stellantis, as we work to achieve our shared sustainability and decarbonisation ambitions.”

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