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A new Ipsos study has revealed increased interest in electric cars across consumers in the United States. According to the report, EVs may be nearing a “tipping point” for mass adoption, with over a third of U.S. consumers now willing to consider an EV. Notably, this interest has tripled since 2018.

The study notes that this shift can likely be attributed to rising gas prices, as well as the increased availability of new EV models from popular automakers. With emerging EVs such as Ford’s 2022 F-150 Lightning generating so much consumer interest, along with the roll-out of federal rebate programs, the gradual adoption of EVs finally seems inevitable.

Analysts also note that the increased availability of charging infrastructure nationwide should help to further accelerate the transition to electric. However, Ipsos predicts that a “lack of familiarity with electric vehicles” may continue to discourage consumers from making the switch. The survey revealed that a majority of consumers still express concern over the battery life of EVs, and are unfamiliar battery technology.

Along with hesitations regarding EV batteries, survey respondents also cited concerns relating to driving range and recharging time, respectively. The issue of affordability was ranked fourth, which indicates a shift from previous years when cost was identified as the largest barrier to EV adoption.

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