Tesla Supercharger

Tesla previously made headlines when it was announced that the Supercharger network would be opened up to all EVs globally, although it has been an exceedingly slow process. Initially, the pilot project was limited to Europe, where Supercharger stations were already equipped with the CCS connectors needed for non-Tesla users. However, while at the FT Future of Cars Conference, Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted that CCS Connectors will finally be added to Supercharger Stations in the US.

“It’s a little trickier in the US because we have a different connector than the rest of the industry, but we will be adding the rest of the industry connector as an option to Superchargers in the US,” Musk said at the conference.

For those unfamiliar, Tesla’s North American Supercharger network utilizes its own proprietary connectors, which prevents non-Tesla EV owners from using the network without a CHAdeMO CCS adapter.

Notably, this announcement comes after Tesla filed for incentives to deploy Supercharger stations in Texas that offer both CCS and Tesla connectors. If the company adheres to the approach it employed in Europe, new Supercharger stations will likely get both Tesla and CCS connectors, and the automaker may begin to retrofit some existing stations.

While this is exciting news for non-Tesla drivers in the US, Musk did not yet clarify when the CCS connectors will be added to Tesla’s US Supercharger Network.

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