Tesla Model Y

It appears Tesla is preparing to launch a new version of the Model Y, but according to a new filing with the EPA, this version will only offer a range of 450 km and an AWD powertrain. As Tesla fans surely know, the automaker currently only sells two versions of the Model Y: the Model Y Long Range AWD with 531 km of range, and the Model Y Performance with 488 km of range.

The Long Range Model Y boasts a starting price of $82,990, while the Model Y Performance starts at $89,290. Also included in the EPA filing is a “Model Y Standard Range RWD”, which was only briefly offered by Tesla last year before being discontinued after Elon Musk announced that he wasn’t satisfied with the range.

Now, a new model has been added to the list, the “2022 Tesla Model Y AWD”. The 450 km rating places this new Model Y significantly behind the Long Range Model Y, which presumably indicates that the new model will rely on a dual motor powertrain with a smaller battery pack.

While details of the latest model have yet to be confirmed, the timing indicates that this could be the new Model Y that Tesla began production on at Gigafactory Berlin. According to reports, the electric SUV will be “equipped with Tesla’s own 4680 battery cell and a new structural battery pack.” Although much remains uncertain, once Tesla begins deliveries from Gigafactory Texas, by the end of the month, we should know more about what to expect from the new Model Y.

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