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Never one to shy away from continued innovation, Tesla is reportedly working on integrating vehicle sharing into its app, which is interpreted as an important step towards the launch of a ‘Tesla Network’.

It was precisely this vision which CEO Elon Musk has cited as one of the ‘core goals’ of the Model 3 and Model Y design – an electric car that not only boasts self-driving capabilities, but also has car-sharing and ride-sharing capabilities. The Tesla Network is expected to be an Uber-like ride-hailing app that also enables Tesla drivers to share their car with friends and family.

However, the Tesla Network remains a long-awaited concept that has been in early beta stages of development for over a year now. Notably, drivers are especially impatient for the automaker to release the promised version of its ‘Full Self-Driving package’ that continues to see delays.

Notably, Tesla released a new version of its mobile app earlier today, and while there doesn’t appear to be any major changes to the app at first glance, some dedicated Tesla fans were able to spot updates to the app’s code. Specifically, it was discovered that Tesla had added several bits about vehicle sharing.

Last year, Tesla also enabled owners to ‘add drivers’ through a new car access feature on its website, which also hinted towards vehicle sharing capabilities in the near future. Now that Tesla is seemingly integrating this functionality into its mobile app, it looks like the vehicle and ride-sharing side of the Tesla Network might soon come to life.

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