Tesla Superchargers in Alaska

Tesla is officially “doubling down” on a system designed to prevent people from blocking, or “ICEing,” its Supercharger stalls.

The term “ICEing” is used to describe internal combustion engine vehicles occupying a space for an EV at charging stations which, in many places, will earn offending drivers a hefty fine. Unfortunately, places that do not issue a fine for this infraction often see an influx of this problem and, in some cases, people are reportedly even doing it on purpose to make a point against the growing presence of EVs.

To remedy this issue in China, Tesla began deploying “floor locking devices” that pop up from the ground at select new Supercharging stations. While effective in deterring ICEing, there are some complaints issued regarding disruptions to the otherwise smooth Supercharger experience, as Tesla owners had to then use a QR code and a third-party app to unlock their EV from the device.

Now, seemingly in an effort to improve this system, Tesla is integrating it directly into its mobile app. With this new update, Tesla drivers no longer need to use a third-party app or a QR code, and can instead use the Tesla app to unlock their vehicles from the floor lock.

Tesla is reportedly implementing the system at all new Supercharger stations in China.

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