Tesla Model S Plaid

Tesla announced the launch of Plaid Track Mode – a “new version of its track mode software to push the track performance of the Model S Plaid to a whole new level.” Tesla fans may remember that the automaker originally launched ‘Track Mode’ for its Model 3 Performance in 2018 and, later on, Track Mode V2.

The release of this latest over-the-air update promises to take Tesla’s highest performance car yet, the Model S Plaid, to new heights. “This week, Plaid Track Mode is rolling out to Model S Plaid vehicles across North America,” read the blog post explaining the new software. “With Plaid Track Mode our goals were simple: achieve the quickest lap time for a production electric vehicle at Germany’s Nürburgring, and allow individual adjustability of stability control, handling balance and regenerative braking to give drivers more authority over vehicle control at the racetrack.”

The software helped Tesla, in fact, achieve a record lap of 7 minutes 35 seconds around the famed German race track last September. According to the automaker, Plaid Track Mode was developed to take “full advantage” of their tri-motor platform and impressive 1,020 horsepower. Notable features include:

• Optimized Powertrain Cooling
• Lateral Torque Vectoring
• Adjustable Vehicle Dynamics
• Adaptive Suspension Damping
• Performance UI

“With Plaid Track Mode, we have added a host of new features to make Model S Plaid as quick around a racetrack as it is at the drag strip,” said Tesla. “Our approach focuses on allowing greater driver control and adjustability while promoting driver confidence, and like most aspects of Tesla vehicles, we’ll continue to improve Plaid Track Mode over time with future over-the-air updates.”

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