Tesla Supercharger

Tesla’s Supercharger network has now reached 30,000 individual stalls worldwide – “and counting” – as claimed by company admin.

As of the end of September, and per the company’s Q3 2021 report, just over 29,000 of Tesla’s fast chargers – 29,281 to be precise – had been officially installed, up on the 23,277 that were up and running at the end of 2020. Impressively, that means more than 700 of the charging stalls have been installed globally in just over five weeks.

The number of stations as of Q3 had also increased to 3,254, up from the 2,564 that were ready to go at the end of 2020. That’s an average of nine stalls per station, though admittedly, that number varies wildly depending on the site and their frequency of use. In April for example, plans were being put in place to add more than 80 stalls to the Supercharging station at the Harris Ranch in California, bringing the total number into the triple figures and thus establishing the largest Supercharger station anywhere in the world.

Both figures also give credence to Tesla’s goal, as hinted last month, of tripling its Supercharger network within the next two years.

Thus far, Supercharger locations have been erected in Europe, Asia, the Middle East (plus two in Morocco) and North America, with 63 individual stations either open or ‘coming soon’ in Ontario alone. This is by far the largest hub in Canada, almost a third more than British Columbia and Québec’s individual tallies.

This network growth also follows news that the company has introduced 10 stations in The Netherlands as part of a pilot scheme to open its Superchargers up to other, non-Tesla EVs.

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