Tesla Model S

If you bought a Tesla vehicle before 2020, the automaker is now offering an extended warranty for Canadian customers.

In a notification on its website, Tesla says the ‘Extended Service Agreements [ESA] cover the repair or replacement necessary to correct the mechanical breakdown or inability to perform the function(s) for which it was designed of most parts manufactured or supplied by Tesla during the coverage period under normal use. Coverage is based upon the purchased agreement option and takes effect on the date that your original New Vehicle Limited Warranty expires.’

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for Superchargers in Canada

The ESA does not cover the electric motor or battery, as well as consumables such as brakes and tires. It’s a two-year or 40,000 km coverage, and costs $4,100 for a Model S, $4,700 for the Model X, $2,400 for the Model 3 and $2,700 for a Model Y. It can be purchased directly through the Tesla app.

And yes, you can cancel it within certain terms. Or if you sell your EV before the end of the agreement, the ESA can be transferred with the remaining time/kilometres on the clock.

The move follows a similar offer for US customers that went into effect in March. For more information, visit the Tesla site.

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