Tesla Supercharger

Tesla’s Supercharger network has often been praised for its collection of high-speed chargers and ambitious expansion plans, but it has only been available to Tesla-built vehicles; until now. The industry-renown charging network is finally opening up to non-Tesla EV drivers with the launch of its new pilot program in the Netherlands.

Currently, the Non-Tesla Supercharger pilot program will roll out at 10 Supercharger locations across that country, with plans to open up the Supercharger network worldwide over time.

“Access to an extensive, convenient and reliable fast-charging network is critical for large-scale EV adoption,” said Tesla officials in a statement. “That’s why, since opening our first Superchargers in 2012, we have been committed to rapid expansion of the network. Today, we have more than 25,000 Superchargers worldwide.”

Fortunately, the charging process is incredibly simple for non-Tesla drivers who hope to participate in the pilot program. The charging experience is handled entirely through Tesla’s mobile app, and drivers simply have to download the app and choose the “charge your non-Tesla” option. To finish charging their vehicle, non-Tesla EV drivers will need to stop the session through the app rather than simply unplugging the car.

Tesla has also stated that non-Tesla drivers will be charged more than Tesla drivers on the Supercharger network. According to the automaker, prices vary from site to site, and drivers can confirm the pricing in the Tesla app or save money by opting into a billing membership.

With this program, Tesla hopes to take another critical step forward in encouraging drivers to make the switch to electric vehicles.

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