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Tesla prides itself in a company-wide commitment to do the right thing and, in that spirit, the automaker is doubling down on its support offered to Ukrainian citizens currently suffering from the implications of Russia’s invasion.

This week, the automaker has expanded its previously announced program to provide free Supercharging to EV owners trying to flee Ukraine, and also offered Ukrainian employees three months of pay if they are called back to the country for active duty. In addition, Tesla also sent Powerwall battery units to Ukraine to supplement the roll out of Starling units.

With Tesla’s free charging program, Ukrainian EV drivers can access free Supercharging at all Supercharger stations bordering Ukraine. Although the automaker doesn’t officially operate in Ukraine (yet), there are reportedly more than 5,000 Tesla owners in the country.

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall

In a company email sent this week, Tesla outlined the rest of their efforts and their continued commitment to support those impacted by the conflict in Ukraine. “Many folks have reached to understand how they can contribute, which is awesome. It’s important we show them how we as a company are helping, what resources we have in place, and how they can also proactively support themselves,” read the email. “For any Tesla employees who is a Ukrainian national and has been asked to return to Ukraine for active duty as a reservist, we will maintain their employment and salary for three months, with a view to assessing after this period as needed.”

The email also detailed the efforts of volunteers across the Giga Berlin and Germany Service team which worked to quickly “test, configure, pack and ship several hundred Starlink units which have already been gratefully received by Ukraine’s Digital Transformation Minister.” In addition to these Starlink units, Tesla has sent a fleet Powerwalls to Ukraine. “The system included PV inverters given by our Certified installer network, pre-made DC cables given by one of our Supercharger Installation Partners and AC cables made out out of scrap from Giga Berlin. All of it assembled by a team of (40+) volunteers from across the EMEA organization, committed to doing what they can to support,” the email shared.

Tesla also noted the reinforcement of the Tesla EMEA Employee Assistance Programme, which offers counseling and numerous resources and support for employees.

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