Tesla Supercharger

Tesla’s expansive Supercharger network is, at this point, a bit of a household name. In an effort to accelerate the expansion of their network of high-speed EV chargers, Tesla began producing and installing ‘prefabricated Superchargers’ earlier this year in the US. Now, the first prefabricated Supercharger is coming to Canada.

These Superchargers are constructed off-site, which means they arrive fully built and ready to be installed once they are hooked up to utilities. Understandably, this significantly reduces construction time, and lays the foundation for a future in which Supercharger networks could be meaningfully expanded in a matter of days rather than months.

Currently, the first prefabricated Supercharger in Canada is being constructed in New Minas, Nova Scotia, closely followed by a second Supercharger which went into production in mid-October. Drive Tesla Canada notes that just yesterday, two banks of four prefabricated Superchargers were laid in place. Once power is turned on and the parking lot is repaved, these Superchargers will be open to the public.

This news likely comes as no surprise to Tesla drivers and fans, as the automaker recently revealed plans to triple its Supercharging network over the next two years while expanding to other markets. Not only that, but Elon Musk also confirmed Tesla’s plans to release a special adapter that will allow other EVs to utilize their signature network of chargers.

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