2020 Nissan Leaf

Yesterday it was revealed that the third-generation Nissan Leaf is getting a makeover. Nissan’s Guillaume Cartier, a senior vice president, confirmed to UK’s Autocar a Nissan Leaf electric crossover will replace the electric hatchback sometime in 2025.

According to the announcement, the new crossover will “ride on the CMF-EV platform shared by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance.” This switch in body style should come as no surprise, as Nissan has revealed plans to invest £1 billion ($1.7 billion) into its Sunderland factory in the UK. Currently, the automaker builds the Juke, Leaf, and Qashqai models at the Sunderland factory, which will now be responsible for the production of 100,000 units of the Leaf crossover.

2020 Nissan Leaf

Moreover, the UK government has recently pledged an additional £620million ($1 billion) to support the rollout of electric car charging infrastructure and plug-in grants, further solidifying Europe’s transition to a battery-powered future.

For Nissan, this movement is already well underway, as the automakers previously announced plans to electrify its entire lineup with electric and hybrid vehicles by 2025. By 2030, Nissan hopes to have 80 per cent of its global sales represented by EVs, and 40 per cent in the US. As the new crossover will be a global model, it will be available for purchase by drivers all over the world, including Canada.

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