Andersen-2-Invisible home charger

Luxury UK home charging specialist Anderson has introduced a so-called, first-ever ‘camouflaging’ home wall charger.

Well, sort of. The “chameleon-qualities” of the Andersen-2-Invisible (A-2-I) should be taken with a pinch of salt, given that, as far as we know, genetic engineering and use of cuttlefish DNA has not gone into its build, à la Indominus Rex.

Instead, Andersen states that the outdoor A-2-I can be configured in up to 96 different colour options including premium ‘Accoya Wood’ panelling, and even the colours, gradients and contours of a customer’ home exterior with a system that spent two years in development.

Andersen-2-Invisible home charger

Andersen-2-Invisible home charger

To do so, customers simply take a picture of the exterior wall to which the A-2-I will be mounted, load this into Andersen’s accompanying app, and 4K, high-definition mini-screens incorporated into the charger’s front and sides ‘mimic’ the pattern of the wall behind it.

Granted, the mimic may not fool an InGen containment team armed with non-lethal taser rifles standing next to the waterproof charging box – “it can camouflaaaaage!” – but the system should, as Andersen states, “take the concept of stylish yet discreet charge points to the next level.”

“Our brand mission has always been to produce elegant charge points which customers can personalise to match the design of their house,” Anderson head of the technology Cameron O’Flage explains. “With the introduction of the A-2-I to our product range, we’ve taken that ambition to the extreme.”

Compatible with Type 2 EVs and hybrids, charging power ranges from 3.6 kW and 7 kW to the beefier 22 kW, the latter of which is available solely with a 6.5-metre tethered cable (the 7 kW example can be optioned with either a 5.5-metre or 8.5-metre cable). The waterproof case has also been designed to house the cable and the port as well.

Admittedly, at £9,999 – or just over $16,000 – the “luxury” A-2-I is a steep jump over not just conventional home chargers but even Andersen’s entry level models, starting prices for which start from a more reasonable £1,099 (around $1,800).

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