Toyota Sport Crossover Concept

In its slow but sure push for more battery electrics in its lineup, Toyota has revealed two EV concepts for Europe and China that might strongly hint at some upcoming products.

The first is the Urban SUV Concept, a small crossover aimed at the Jeep Avenger and Mini Aceman, coming in at 4,300 mm long, 1,620 mm tall, and 1,820 mm wide. The Japanese automaker has not revealed any other specs, even concerning drivetrain or battery, but it does say a variant of the Urban SUV will likely hit production in 2025. It also reveals there will be two battery packs available, with front- and all-wheel-drive versions on tap.

Toyota Urban SUV Concept

Toyota Urban SUV Concept

The other concept is the Sport Crossover Concept, a slinker, sportier version. There is even less information on this, though Toyota does say it will appear in some form in 2025.

Toyota Sport Crossover Concept

Toyota Sport Crossover Concept

Will we see these in Canada? Hard to say, but Toyota does plan a rollout of more than 12 BEVs by 2025, so there’s probably a chance these will hit Canadian shores in some form or another.

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