Ford F-150 Lightning in Alaska testing

While the popularity of EVs continues to surge around the globe, some Canadian drivers remain hesitant to make the switch to electric, mainly due to winter driving conditions. Clearly, Ford Motor Company is aware of these reservations, and was more than happy to put the highly anticipated F-150 Lightning to the ultimate test ahead of spring deliveries.

Ford engineers spent over two weeks at a military base in Alaska, fine tuning six F-150 all-electric pickup trucks in -30℉ (-35C) temperatures. The video, recently shared online, shows the EV gracefully tearing its way through a picturesque, snow-covered frozen landscape with cinematic ease, assuring customers that the truck will have no problem driving through any conditions.

Along with the video, Ford shared information that the F-150 Lightning can sense “wheel slip and adjust power to the wheels within milliseconds” for maximum traction in difficult conditions.

“F-150 Lightning in the snow is a very different ballgame compared to gas vehicles. The responses are extremely quick and the dual motors make it as if you have two engines pumping out power in one vehicle,” explained Lightning powertrain engineer Nick Harris. “A lot of our work is to coordinate the two motors to work together to best deliver torque to the ground, so that customers who drive in the snow and ice ultimately feel very confident.”

Over the course of the two weeks spent exploring Alaska’s frigid tundra (loose snow, packed-groomed snow, complete ice, and half ice-half concrete), Ford engineers were reportedly able to make meaningful adjustments to the F-150 Lightning powertrain in real-time, “helping ensure safety and stability for upcoming drivers through snow, ice, and anything else you throw at it.”

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As we reported in early January, Ford has doubled its Lightning production capacity twice since first revealing the new electric pick-up, in response to overwhelming consumer interest.

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