LiveWire One

For years, Harley-Davidson fans have been waiting in eager anticipation for further details regarding the formerly promised Harley-Davidson Livewire electric motorcycle. The time has finally come, as the company has released a teaser video for the new motorcycle and announced an unveiling date of May 10.

For those unfamiliar, LiveWire is the all-electric sub-brand of Harley-Davidson. Livewire released its flagship motorcycle in 2018, the LiveWire One, which was described as the “electric motorcycle built for the urban experience.” Previous statements led us to believe that the next motorcycle would be referred to as either the S2 or the Del Mar (or some combination). It is also expected to be a middleweight motorcycle, and perhaps a “toned down” version of the LiveWire One. Hopefully, this electric motorcycle is also more affordable, as the LiveWire One starts at $37,250 here in Canada.

In the 16 second teaser video, we see clips of flat track racing paired with the repeated slogan, ‘The Next Victory Lap’. Beyond that, the new bike remains a mystery aside from the original sketches previously shared.

However, it has been noted that Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire division has “developed a modular electric motorcycle platform known as Arrow that will allow the company to build several motorcycles on the same basic chassis.” Although the specific aesthetics and configurations of this new motorcycle remain under wraps, it’s safe to assume that the basic design will be similar to those original sketches.

According to LiveWire, this is just the beginning. The company has previously shared that it expects to sell 100,000 electric motorcycles by 2026.

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