Honda Prologue design

Earlier this year, Honda teased a sketch of its upcoming Honda Prologue electric SUV, which is co-developed with GM. However, since then, we hadn’t heard much about the new EV — that is, until now. Honda teased a video that brought viewers behind the scenes on the design process of the Prologue EV, which (finally) gave us new angles of the vehicle not seen before.

In the video, you can see a team at its Design Center in Los Angeles diligently at work sketching the vehicle and piecing together its interior and exterior. Jiro Ikeda, Exterior Design Project Leader for the Prologue speaks to the collaboration and team work which goes into the development of the Prologue. “It was very exciting to work with a young team of designers with new capabilities,” he shares. “The Prologue is the first product where Honda did its entire design using virtual reality realization.”

Honda Prologue sketch

Honda Prologue sketch

“Using VR enabled us to collaborate virtually with our design and development teams in the US and in Japan, even during the challenges of COVID,” added Marco Tan, Honda’s BR and CG Designer on the Prologue team. “We could see the Prologue in digital environments that truly resembled the real world. By simulation and evaluating colours, materials, and even lighting in virtual 3D environment, we were able to explore possibilities that took styling to a higher level.”

The video, which spans five minutes, gives viewers a rather intimate glimpse into the design process as they create a vehicle style referred to as “Neo-rugged.” Honda says that more details of the Prologue will be revealed in the coming months, as the automaker continues to work toward its goal of 100 per cent electrified sales by 2040. The Prologue will be Honda’s first all-electric volume model expected to arrive in 2024, and will be based on GM’s Ultium electric platform.

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