Porsche Taycan Turbo S setting a lap record for EVs at the Nürburgring in Germany

Porsche’s Taycan Turbo S has knocked the Tesla Model S Plaid off the top spot as the fastest production EV around the Nordschleife.

Porsche’s electric sedan set a time of 7m 33s around the, 154-turn, 20.8 km Nürburgring, two seconds quicker than that managed by the 1,000 hp Model S Plaid, which, ironically, usurped the Porsche Taycan Turbo as the fastest production electric vehicle around the daunting former German Grand Prix circuit in September last year.

For added context, the electric sedan’s 7m 33s is on par with the Pagani Zonza F and Koenigsegg CCX’s best laps in 2006 and 2008 respectively, and just one second shy of the Audi R8 V10 Plus’ best effort in 2015.

Porsche states that the new lap record was set with “an entirely standard production vehicle,” albeit with a new performance kit.

Porsche Taycan Turbo S setting a lap record for EVs at the Nürburgring in Germany

Porsche Taycan Turbo S setting a lap record for EVs at the Nürburgring in Germany

The Taycan Turbo S, driven to its new record by Porsche development driver Lars Kern – who was also at the wheel for the Taycan Turbo’s record run in August 2019 – was equipped with an updated Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC) that synchronizes all the chassis systems in real-time for better road holding. The Taycan was also fitted with “road-approved” Pirelli P Zero Corsa sports tires on its 21-inch wheels, though the compound, “similar to that of racing tires,” was specifically developed for track use.

A mandatory roll cage and racing seat, as stipulated by the circuit for lap record attempts, were the only non-production modifications.

As such, the performance kit does not impact the Taycan’s powertrain. The Turbo S, available in Canada from $217,800, produces a combined “up to 460 kW” (625 hp) from its twin electric motors, or 750 hp with Overboost Power. Enough for the Taycan Turbo S to hit 0-100 km/h in 2.8s with launch control. Impressively, an estimated electric range of between 440 and 468 km is still possible.

Though only available in Germany via Porsche Tequipment [sic], the above performance kit is offered to customers of the 2023 Taycan Turbo S (the Bavarian brand recommends the P Zero Corsas be switched out for standard all-weather examples before hitting the road again), production of which started late last month. Delivery of the performance kit meanwhile is scheduled for the end of the year.

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