Volkswagen ID.Buzz pickup concept

Plans for a pickup version of the ID. Buzz appear to be accelerating, with news emerging that Volkswagen has filed a patent for a truck variant of its EV microbus.

Volkswagen ID.Buzz pickup concept

Volkswagen ID.Buzz pickup concept

The ID. Buzz, an all-electric reimagining of the 1950s ‘T1’ icon, was officially launched as both an MPV and ‘Cargo’ panel van back in March, with Volkswagen stating at the time that’s EV-dedicated platform provided “the cross-brand basis for all sorts of different models and segments.” In a bid to further promote the start of sales in May, Volkswagen also posted a conceptual rendering of the ID. Buzz as a pick-up on World Design Day on April 27, a subtly modified version of which has now apparently been submitted for patent.

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This news comes just a few months after the Volkswagen Group launched a separate, independent company called ‘Scout’ with the aim of introducing all-electric off-roaders and pickup trucks to North America. Each new model will feature a new “new technical platform concept” rather than a repurposed VW chassis as the Group looks to take on the electrified might of General Motors, Ford and Rivian in the US and Canada.

This, plus the stated intent that Scout’s first prototypes are set to arrive by 2024 ahead of production beginning in 2026, has led to speculation that Scout and VW could collaborate on an ID. Buzz pickup as a high-profile jumping off point for the new brand, particularly since a long wheelbase version of the ID. Buzz MPV is also set to arrive in North America in 2024. No official confirmation has been made, however.

Volkswagen Scout teaser

Volkswagen Scout teaser

Should a potential tie-in with Scout not come to fruition, it’s likely the ID. Buzz pickup truck will sit on either the same Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB) that underpins its MPV and ‘Cargo’ brethren. The third ID. Buzz variant would in all likelihood also feature the same 82 (gross energy) kWh battery pack and rear-mounted, 150 kW electric motor setup as its sister models, albeit with torque ramped up for the off-road model. The pickup would also be a perfect addition to VW’s new ‘GTX’ range, which equips its ID models with dual-motor all-wheel drive. So far, only the ID. 4 and ID. 5 have received the GTX treatment.

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