Volta Zero

Volta Trucks, a commercial EV manufacturer that offers “Trucks as a Service” (TaaS), has officially announced a roadmap to bring its all-electric Zero trucks to the United States in 2023. Details shared in the outline indicate that Volta Trucks will begin with its 16-ton Volta Zero truck, followed by the Class 5 and 6 variants.

The company is also reportedly searching for a manufacturing partner in the US to begin building the Zero trucks before the end of 2022.

Volta Zero

Volta Zero

Originally founded in London in 2019, and with additional offices in Sweden and France, Volta Trucks launched its flagship vehicle, the Class 7 Volta Zero, in 2020. The original Volta Zero is a 16-ton electric truck; however, the company has since shared plans for three additional variations.

Following its recent Series C funding round, Volta Trucks raised €230 million ($310.5 million) that will help get the 16-ton Volta Zero Truck into production, and also assist in the development of the recently unveiled 7.5- and 12-ton variations as well.

Volta Zero

Volta Zero

The smaller versions of the Volta Zero are reportedly scheduled to arrive to customers in 2025 and, in 2023, a larger, 18-ton version of the Volta Zero will join the original 16-ton model. Deliveries will begin in Los Angeles, with a full production rollout in 2024. Currently, Volta Trucks is “road testing design verification” prototypes of the 16-ton Zero in Europe and expects to have over 1,500 commercial EVs built overseas by the time it enters North America.

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