Time your car charging to end when you leave so your cabin is already warm.

As the consumer popularity of EVs continues to rise and production targets for all-electric vehicle fleets are established, experts are calling on governments to aid in the continued expansion of EV infrastructure. With this in mind, the federal and Yukon governments have just announced plans to provide $1.8 million in incentives for Yukon businesses, First Nation governments and municipalities to install up to 200 chargers for electric vehicles across the territory.

According to the announcement made earlier this week, the federal government will provide $1 million and the Yukon government will provide $800,000 toward the production and installation of Level-2 chargers. These charging stations have the ability to fully charge an average EV in about six to eight hours.

Of course, a commonly cited concern is whether or not businesses and multi-unit residential businesses have the infrastructure to support the installation of chargers. To this effect, the Yukon Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources John Streicker said revealed that businesses and multi-unit residential building owners will receive a rebate up to 75 per cent for installing Level-2 chargers while First Nation governments and municipalities will be eligible for rebates up to 90 per cent.

“The chargers will encourage Yukon residents to transition to electric and zero-emission vehicles for their daily commutes,” said Striecker. He also added that this funding will help to solidify the territory’s transition to an electrified and decarbonized transportation industry. At the end of January, there were only 129 registered EVs in the territory.

“It’s about trying to make it positive for people who buy electric vehicles to have that ability to always get a little more charge,” said Striecker.

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