Fisker Pear

Fisker has released a new teaser of its PEAR urban SUV, production of which will take place from a new, 6.2-million-square-foot manufacturing facility in Ohio from 2024 onwards.

The PEAR – or ‘Personal Electric Automotive Revolution’ – became the second production EV on Fisker Automotive’s lineup, after the OCEAN SUV, following its teaser debut in February this year. The PEAR will be manufactured in a collaborative effort between California’s electric carmaker and Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, Foxconn, Fisker having also confirmed “a minimum of 250,000” units will be built per year “after a ramp-up period” and once the Ohio facility is fully up and operational.

Fisker Pear

Fisker Pear

Fisker has confirmed a starting point of just under US$29.900, “before incentives,” for the PEAR, at the base of which is a new modular architecture that will also underpin two future models. Though the brand claims the “agile urban EV’ will not slot into an established automotive sector, its price and dimensions suggests Volkswagen’s ID.3 could be a potential rival down the line.

Full details of the PEAR have yet to be revealed, though the new teaser image does show a large front grille mounted lowdown, slim headlamps, subtly flared wheel arches, and a heavily raked windshield for efficient aerodynamics.

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“The PEAR will be a revolutionary electric vehicle that won’t fit into any existing segment,” company chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker explains. “The exterior design will feature new lighting technology and a wraparound front windscreen inspired by a glider plane glass canopy, enhancing frontal vision.

“Our engineering group is working on new features and high-tech solutions for the PEAR that will change how we use and enjoy a vehicle in the city.”

Plans from Foxconn to produce a compact SUV – currently codenamed ‘the Model C’ – has led to speculation that the PEAR could be powered by the same 58 kWh battery pack / 134 bhp electric motor combination.

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Production of the brand’s first SUV meanwhile, the OCEAN, is set to begin in Graz, Austria, in November of this year, while a third model – the ‘Project Ronin’ four-door sports GT – is due to be revealed for the first time in August.

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