Fisker Ocean and its rotating touchscreen

Henrik Fisker has released a short social media video showcasing the innovative rotating infotainment screen in his eponymous brand’s new Ocean.

The mid-sized SUV, the first of three production models anticipated from Fisker in quick succession, was presented in ‘Extreme’ top trim at the Paris Motor Show, just a few months on from the order books being re-opened. Marketed by the Californian carmaker as “the most sustainable SUV on Earth,” the “fully vegan” interior, made using recycled fishing nets, rubber and even t-shirts is among the more notable elements of the design.

At the forefront on the Extreme trim is the 17.1-inch infotainment screen, mounted on the centre dash in such a way that, at the push of a button, it can rotate from profile to landscape format. In his short video, Henrik Fisker outlines the ‘Virtual View’ – a system that uses sensors and onboard cameras to show a 2D animation of the Ocean and the cars around it on the road in real life – and the compartmentalized home-screen before finally demonstrating how the touchscreen rotates 90-degrees at the push of a button.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, rather than ‘portrait’ and ‘landscape,’ the screen rotates from ‘Control Mode’ to ‘Hollywood Mode’ respectively in the Ocean Extreme, in keeping with some of Fisker’s more outlandish branding. ‘California Mode’ for example retracts all windows and the panoramic roof for a convertible-style driving experience.

Fisker Ocean

Fisker Ocean

Production is on-track for November at Magna’s carbonneutral factory in Graz, Austria, with first customer deliveries in Europe planned for April next year. Prices range from US$37,499 (around $51,600) for the ‘Sport’ up to US$68,999 ($95K-ish) for both the ‘Extreme’ and the launch edition ‘One,’ of which only 5,000 examples will be made.

While the entry level ‘Sport’ features a 275 hp e-motor driving the front axle, both the mid-tier ‘Ultra’ and the range-topping ‘Extreme’ feature a dual-motor setup, the latter capable of producing 550 hp and sprinting from 0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds.

Battery capacity details will only be announced after vehicle charging speeds have been finalized, though the Extreme has been confirmed to have the best estimated range at up to 630 km with the ‘Hyper Range’ battery pack (with the ‘Touring Range’ battery, this drops back down to 440 km). The ‘SolarSky’ roof, festooned as it is with solar panels, provides yet more power in sunnier conditions, with Fisker estimating the roof alone could produce up to 1,500 miles (2,400-plus km) of additional range each year.

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