EV mechanics

The Quebec government has just taken a critical step towards widespread electrification by announcing a $7 million investment to train mechanics and repairers for heavy-duty EVs and hybrid vehicles.

The 196-hour training course aims to provide mechanics with the unique skills required to service electric vehicles, and “promote a better match between the skills of the workforce and the needs related to the ongoing energy transition.”

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“Over $7 million to support transport electrification! An investment that will strengthen the skills of hundreds of workers in a cutting-edge field and help QC in its shift towards a greener economy,” tweeted Employment Minister Kateri Champagne Jourdain tweeted after making the announcement at Girardin Blue Bird, in Drummondville, QC, which distributes electric school buses.

The program is financed through the FDRCMO (the Workforce Skills Development and Recognition Fund), which was established by the 1995 Act to Promote the Development and Recognition of Workforce Skills. According to the fund, every employer whose total payroll for a calendar year exceeds the amount fixed by regulation of the government is required to participate for that year in workforce skills development by allotting an amount representing at least 1 per cent of the total payroll to eligible training expenditures.

With this latest investment, the government expects the training program to cultivate the development of 240 mechanics and repairers of heavy electric and hybrid vehicles, in addition to 20 master trainers.

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